Curling and Adding the volume of Hair extensions 2016

{Using|Making use of|Applying} Back-Combing
{1 .|one|1 )} Separate your hair. Separate {your hair|hair|nice hair} into four layers starting at your crown and moving down to your {neck|throat|neck of the guitar} (securing each section {separately|individually|independently} to your head with slips). {With that|With this|Recover} method, start with the lowest {section|area|segment} and grab your two inch sections from there.

{If you want|If you would like|If you need} {just a|only a|simply a} little {lift|raise|lift up}, {you can do|that you can do|that can be done} back-combing only to the upper layers of your hair. This can save a little time.

3. Spray hairspray at the roots. {Take your|Period|In order to} {hairspray|best hairspray} and spray it on the roots of the two inch section.
4. Comb at the {roots|origins|root base} in a circular {motion|movement|action}. Now, take a fine comb and move the comb in a quick, circular motion. The {comb|brush} should move down the hair shafts, and then move back out of the hair before {coming|arriving|approaching} down again.

Many people make the mistake of moving the comb {up|upward|upwards} and down through the section of the {hair|tresses|curly hair}, but this just {releases|produces|emits} {the volume|the amount|the quantity} you created.

5. Arrange your hair. {Arrange|Set up|Organise} the volumized hair to hair to mask the fluffed under section and generally style {your hair|hair|nice hair} into a finished look. {Largely|Mostly|Mainly}, as long as {you're|if you're|most likely} gentle with your {roots|origins|root base} and don't {use to|value to|use for} much combing or brushing, you can style {your hair|hair|nice hair} {largely|mostly|mainly} as normal.
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